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Private 1-to-1 and 2-to-1 swimming lessons with rapid progression, fast learning and precision technique. Students experience the rewards which accompany this approach and their motivation soars as they become superior swimmers faster than is thought to be possible.


Kevin Hodge

Swimming Teacher of 1:1 and 2:1 lessons for kids, adults and competition level swimmers
  • Certified Level 2 Swimming Teacher
  • RLSS National Pool Lifeguard Qualified

What They Are Saying About Me

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Fantastic teacher and mentor for both my boys. Kevin has been teaching both my boys for the past 6 months and what a phenomenal improvement we have seen. Kevin really knows the science behind swimming and has built a solid foundation for my kids. I recommend him highly to all no matter what level you are at currently.


At the ripe old age of 66 I decided it was time to learn to swim. From a non swimmer to where I am today, able to swim many lengths of front crawl and breath properly! and back stroke (so far). Kevin is an excellent teacher, he is patient, always building up your confidence and very encouraging. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants to learn or build on their current swimming skills to take lessons with Kevin, I am so glad I found him, my personal goal has been achieved!


We were looking for a swimming instructor for our 8-year-old son and Kevin came highly recommended, and we were not disappointed. Kevin is a passionate instructor who teaches swimming to the highest standard, and the difference we have seen in our 8-year-old after only a couple of months is beyond anything we could have expected. He not only teaches in a fun and enjoyable manner, but he teaches the how to swim the different strokes by using the correct techniques and very quickly helped our son to break a few habits. Our son loves his weekly lesson and looks forward to going every week. I would recommend Kevin to anyone who is looking for a swimming instructor, for either themself or for their children


My 7yr old son started lessons with Kevin in September after having the conventional group lessons since he was 5. I cannot begin to tell you the improvement on his swimming and his fitness!! Kevin is so passionate about the way he teaches it really is infectious and I cannot recommend him enough. My son enjoys his lessons very much and as he has 121 tuition he is totally focused for the whole 30min session. Kevin offered us a trial lesson to begin with and I strongly advise anyone to go along and experience this innovative way of teaching children to swim properly!!!!! You’ll never go back to group swimming again!!!!


My boys thoroughly enjoy having their sessions with Kevin. My youngest, who needed 1 to 1 sessions due large groups raising his anxiety levels has flourished. His technique on all strokes has improved dramatically, especially breaststroke, which he couldn’t even do properly and he is now even mastering his tumble turns. Kevin is always really patient, calm and understanding when my son loses focus and cleverley works with him to regain it. A real skill! They are forming a really good relationship. My eldest son, who was already a very competent swimmer has begun working with Kevin over a short period of time, albeit sporadic due to COVID-19, and has definitely improved all strokes, enabling him to swim more competitively at recent galas, medalling across 3 strokes and now trains at regional level. Love the relationship both boys are forming with Kevin and excited to see where it leads


My 8 year old daughter has been having private lessons with Kevin for 6 months. Previously she had group lessons at a public pool and was not progressing. Since having the lessons with Kevin her swim technique has vastly improved and she is more confident in the water. Kevin breaks down the strokes and explains in a way a child can understand. I also had some adult lessons with Kevin to improve my crawl technique for a triathlon and was very impressed.


My daughter was very nervous when she started swimming with Kevin. She is now progressing so well and really enjoys her lessons. Kevin is very patient and thought of lots of different ways to help her overcome her fear of putting her face in the water. Now there is no stopping her! Excellent teacher in a nice, clean, endless pool. Highly recommended.


I'm an adult who wasn't that confident in water. I started swimming lessons with Kevin in Oct 2022 and could swim by December. Then took further lessons to focus on technique. Kevin is a great swimming instructor, very observant and knowledgeable about swimming techniques. I went from being a non swimmer to a confident swimmer within a couple of months. I would recommend to anyone trying to learn swimming or trying to improve their swimming skills.


Fantastic Teacher for any type of child as he will adjust to the needs of your child. Learning swimming with Kevin is fun at the same time faster than normal swimming lessons. Children not only learning swimming but also life skills such as build up the concentration, willingness to learn new things. THANK YOU KEVIN for everything looking forward to learn more with you


Kevin is an excellent teacher. I am so amazed by how much progress my daughter could achieve in just a few lessons. Before her first swimming lesson with Kevin, she’s so scared of water and would never ever try to put her face in the water. However, Kevin knows how to put her at ease and teach her some great tips in the first lesson. She managed to put her face in the water in the first lesson and in the fourth lesson, she swam by herself in the fourth lesson. Highly recommend Kevin for his patience, great teaching skills and positive energy.


Kevin is an absolutely fantastic teacher! He takes so much care and pride in his work that it is a pleasure to learn from him. He has taught all 3 of my children who are very different characters, with very different goals. Kevin is brilliant at adapting the sessions to suit each of them and they all love his lessons. It is fantastic to see their progress under his guidance. He is also incredibly generous with his time and knowledge beyond the lessons which we have found, as a family, invaluable as my kids navigate the world of competitive swimming. A special mention will definitely be coming your way on the podium. Thankyou Kevin!!


Kevin is a fantastic instructor & I fully recommend his swimming lessons. I could not swim front crawl at all and after 6 months of (covid interrupted !) 1:1 swimming lessons with Kevin I completed an Olympic distance triathlon - which is a 1500m swim. Could not have done it without him. Very clear instruction & a very patient & encouraging teaching style. Thanks Kevin!


Kevin is an excellent swimming teacher. My 5 year old sons swimming has improved so much while learning with Kevin. He has developed strong water confidence and very good technique. We have been very impressed with Kevin’s methodology and would highly recommend him as a swimming teacher


Excellent!!! I have 2 boys aged 4 & 6 and the results in such a short time are unbelievable. Would highly recommend to anyone


I have energetic triplets that didn't respond very well to large group lesson. When they started swimming with Kevin, we saw them immediately engage and respond to him. He adapts each lesson to their individual needs and all three have become confidant little swimmers over a very short time.


I would really recommend Kevin because is the most amazing teacher I've ever seen! He is fantastic, my son really enjoyed the lessons and in a short time he has improved loads. I was very impressed with the methods Kevin used with my son! He's very professional and patient. Thank you so much Kevin!

Trailing Arm

My nephew, a healthy 12-year-old had somehow managed to avoid learning to swim. He lives near the Thames so on safety grounds I felt I had to do something about it. I asked Kevin to teach him and the results have been spectacular. He is now a confident front crawl and backstroke swimmer. My nephew is an intelligent lad and responded well to Kevin's scientific approach to explaining swimming technique. A great teacher. Highly, highly recommended.


Kevin is an excellent teacher, instilling confidence. My children have made rapid progress and thoroughly enjoyed every lesson. I read the good reviews and Kevin's teaching has nonetheless surpassed (already high) expectations. Highly recommended.


After years of trying to learn in adult group classes and battling a fear of water, I can now finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Kevin's extensive knowledge and teaching techniques really set him apart and I cannot recommend his 1:1 lessons enough!


My son has progressed with his swimming so much since starting his lessons with Kevin. Kevin is so patient with him too. Would highly recommend. Great instructor


Kevin is an exceptional teacher and swimming coach. We can’t recommend him highly enough. He has taught both of our daughters along with myself (who never really learnt how to swim) His culmination of experience, patience and detail in helping you in exemplary. He is so thoughtful in how he individually breaks down each lesson to focus on what you need is just brilliant. Our girls enjoy the lessons, have gained in confidence and have come on tremendously. Absolutely life changing for me.


Kevin is an excellent teacher, he adapts his teaching style to the child and is calm and patient as well as making the lessons lots of fun. My child has progressed hugely in just a few weeks and very much looks forward to lessons. Highly recommended!


My 12 year old twins couldn’t really swim when they started with Kevin - but now 6 months on they are competent strong swimmers.


I approached Kevin to help my 7 year old who had fear of water. My child had group lessons for more than a year but wasn't able to overcome her fear and as her friends moved to other levels she felt left behind. It's just 4th lesson and she feels comfortable in water is gliding with confidence and loves her swimming lesson.kevin not only is a good, professional swimming teacher but his approach to build the confidence around water is amazing. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone who wants to learn to swim with confidence


My 5 year old daughter has been swimming with Kevin for the last school term. I am really impressed with his patience and appreciate his adaptable style to help her overcome her fear in the pool... I have no doubt that he will turn her into a confident swimmer very soon!


What a brilliant inspirational coach - Elly (started age 6) has loved learning to swim with Kevin - so fun, thoughtful and inspires confidence. A real pro! Enjoying so much we keep going!!


Kevin is an amazing swimming teacher for adults who are beginners, lack confidence or just want to improve. I was terrified of putting my head in the water and couldn’t swim front crawl when I started. After 2.5 hours of lessons I could swim front crawl with my head in and have continued to make rapid progress since. Thank you Kevin.


I can totally recommend Kevin. He has taught my daughter more in the 3 weeks we've been with him than she has learnt anywhere else!


What can i say except fantastic things. I've not found a swimming instructor as understanding and supportive as Kevin. He is so encouraging and has made my son love swimming again! Deffo recommend x


I approached Kevin to help my 6 year old who had a real fear of the water due to a bad experience. His fear wasn’t improving in group lessons and he was making no progress at all. Kevin assured me that he could help to overcome these fears and get my son swimming. 11 months on and the difference is amazing. He has gone from not even wanting to get his face wet to swimming independently. He immediately felt safe with Kevin who is knowledgable, encouraging and patient. I would definitely recommend him to anyone to overcome their swimming anxiety.


My son loves his swimming lessons with Kevin, fantastic progress in a short space of time


Very good swimming teacher. Would highly recommend.


Awesome swimming coach! My son has improved so much with Kevin. I completely recommend Kevin as a swimming teacher. He gets the best results. 5⭐️


My daughter has only been going since few weeks but has made an excellent progress, prior to this she was going to a well known swim school for 3 years and not progressing . I do highly recommend Kevin as a swimming instructor as he works closely with the children and adapts the lessons according to their needs.


My daughter has been swimming with Kevin for over a year. He is very professional and I am thrilled with her progress.


Kevin is an excellent swimming coach. He is extremely patient. I have had 6, 1 to 1 lessons with him in a private pool. I highly recommend him as he works with me to achieve my goal.
Whether you have little ones that would love learning to swim and have fun in the water, or much older and wishing to improve, contact Kevin . I look forward to continuing my swimming lessons with him.


Kevin is an incredible swim teacher who has been able to progress my children with there swim technique in a very short amount of time. He has a great 'can do' attitude which has given my children a lot more confidence and we are so happy that we found him! 🙂


Daisy has only been going to Kevin for a few months and straight away we saw such an amazing improvement . He is a great teacher and so good with children. Worth every penny. Thank you Kevin. I would recommend Kevin to anyone adults and children for swimming lessons


My 9 year old has had 2 lessons with Kevin so far, but improvement my daughter has shown is incredible. This is a little girl who's scared of swimming and finds new challenges very hard yet she swam with head under water on the second day and for any parent this is something magical to see. Kevin's patience and calm manner helps a lot - very professional and kind. I cannot recommend Kevin enough!


I've noticed the confidence in my 10 year old son growing so much - he's now a sports ambassador for Surrey youth games. Also with his swimming last week he was doing race trials and swam breast stroke faster than one of the 13 year olds and drew in the front crawl


Kevin is a fantastic teacher for adults. He is very patient. Listens to the needs and concerns. And then tailors each lesson to the requirements of the individual. He knows how to inspire someone and how to give them confidence in the water. The location for his lessons is also fantastic. Clean. Private. Amazing. Can’t recommend him highly enough. He’s also a genuinely nice guy


Kevin has been teaching my two boys for a few months now, they are progressing well. Kevin gains their confidence which makes them progress faster.


I progressed further in learning to swim in three lessons with Kevin Alan Hodge than in a whole term of lessons with my local gym, which I put down to being taught proper technique. If you're serious about learning or improving to swim, give Kevin a call and book a lesson straight away.

Excellence in Personalised Swimming Tuition​

For Beginners nothing is more important than maintaining confidence, so world class teaching is provided in a safe, private and comfortable environment. Learning to swim requires a combination of understanding, practising and ultimately perfecting technique. Our engaging practices target the development of specific skills. You will receive tailored tuition and continual feedback, so learning to swim will be as easy, fun and enjoyable as possible.

For Improvers and Competitive Swimmers expert tailored instruction and continual feedback are the essential components for rapid progression. The individual advice and continual feedback you receive, even while you are swimming, will maximise your rate of learning. Fast swimming is all about technique, so you will be taught the specific movements, body form and control to quickly take your swimming to the next level.


For Beginners nothing is more important than maintaining confidence so world class teaching is provided in a safe, private and comfortable environment. Learning to swim requires a combination of understanding, practising and ultimately perfecting technique. Our engaging practices target the development of specific skills. You will receive tailored tuition and continual feedback, so learning to swim will be as easy, fun and enjoyable as possible.



For Improvers and Competitive Swimmers expert tailored instruction and continual feedback are the essential components for rapid progression. The individual advice and continual feedback you receive, even while you are swimming, will maximise your rate of learning. Fast swimming is all about technique, so you will be taught the specific movements, body form and control to quickly take your swimming to the next level.